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Awards Night was February 11, and was a great success.  Over 80 people attended a wonderful ceremony featuring five 50 year members and a 70 year member recognized by a past Grand High Priest of Ohio as well as the District deputy Grand Master.  The Rainbow Girls were, as always, a great help and ensured the night's refreshments were delivered with a smile, and the needs of every guest attended to.  Our Worshipful Master even lent a hand, making Arnold Palmers for everyone.  Check out our Slideshow and see what all the fuss was about!


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Guy's Night Out 2016

Our 2016 Guy's Night Out was at Scoreboards in Northfield and a great time was had by all.  Twenty of our brethren braved the chilly air and after some fellowship and laughs, cleared their cars for the short trip home.  With 4 inches of snow flying in under an hour, it was a great excuse to leave early, most didn't. 

Good food, talks and fellowship made the night very enjoyable. Our Marshall does a fine job of seeing the lodge has plenty of chances to enjoy each others company.

Thanks to Worshipful Brother Ed Lowe, the tab was covered.  Thanks again Ed!